Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Procrastinating - again!

Right now I should be trying to think of something to do with 35 mothers and at least 35 toddlers tomorrow morning. I am supposed to be doing a program focusing on the mothers and getting them to make friends etc. with each other and ignoring the children. Problem..... there are at least 35 toddlers (and I mean toddlers, not small children) in the room (not a huge room at that) at the same time who really don't care if their mothers are having fun or not. How I manage to get myself into these situations time and time again I have no idea!
Anyway, as a way to avoid thinking about that for a while I thought I would share a bit of wonderful English on a small container I bought today - I think perhaps the translator had a small child on her knee who she had just been reading a fun kid's book to when she was translating it! Quite appropriate considering it is "Setsubun" here today where the ogres are all out and about.
"When you remove the cover, remove it quietly. What is inside may jump out of it."

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  1. So who gets to wear the Oni mask this year and have the beans thrown at them?!...