Thursday, February 04, 2010

When things go right

As I mentioned in my last post I wasn't exactly looking forward to running today's program for a group of 37 mothers and their very small children. But... some last minute brainstorming, some late night playdough making and it ended up being a really fun hour or so. I started out with some tag games, gesturing games, playing pictionary with playdough etc. and everything seemed to go down really well. The part they seemed to enjoy the most was when I gave each group a bag filled with 3 toilet rolls, 2 paper towel rolls (minus the toilet paper and paper towels...), one balloon, one piece of string, 2 pudding pottles, one meat tray, one page out of a mail order catalogue and a roll of tape. These were all just things that I randomly found this morning and threw into bags. I then asked them to make any "character" within 10 minutes and see if the other groups could work out what it was. I had very low expectations that they would even try to make anything, but they all got really enthusiastic and made some wonderful things. Pretty impressive considering they had no pens and only 10 minutes!
I'm now hoping my run of good luck continues tomorrow with my kindergarten classes in the morning followed by making over 500 cookies in the afternoon. Fortunately I will have a few helpers.... although I have to make all the dough before they come. Better get on with it!


  1. I am so impressed. In awe. Wow. The ideas you have are amazing. And how on earth did you have all those materials around? Or is your house now a big nest of holderless rolls of tp and kitchen towel? ;P

    Good luck for another smashing success tomorrow!

  2. Viking Man Rocks. And also in awe that you have huge collection of art supplies. I think about it all the time but never get around to sorting it out.Where do you stash them all??

  3. Totally awesome!!!!So glad they were an enthusiastic bunch!!!