Saturday, September 10, 2011

Final day of trip

No trip away in Japan would be complete without a trip to a flower garden. Unfortunately the problem with flower gardens is that they have often just finished flowering or are just about to come into flower. We ended up at the "Higotai Park" which literally means "Globe Thistle Park" and although there were some parts of the garden that were in flower most of it was pretty bare. The globe thistles were also a bit few and far between, but the view around the mountains was definitely worth the wander.
The real reason we went to the park was not to see the flowers, but to fill in time because my husband really wanted to try a famous omelet rice restaurant and we all decided that 10:30am was a little too early to eat lunch! Was it worth it? Probably. I am always surprised at how busy restaurants in the middle of nowhere are here in Japan. Word of mouth and getting into specific magazines is definitely a positive thing.

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