Sunday, September 04, 2011

Kikuchi Ravine

I've given up with the "Three day trip away - Part ???" titles - too difficult to find things when I am searching in the future!
The one place I wanted to go on our trip away was Kikuchi Ravine. My daughter's teacher had recommended it and like the gold mine it sounded like a cool area so we built it into our flexible schedule and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves wandering around in nature and wants a break from the heat of Japan's summer.
Kikuchi Ravine is in Kumamoto prefecture and has some of the most beautiful blue water I have ever seen - which is probably why it is on the "Japan's 100 remarkable waters" "Best 100 forest relaxation spots in Japan" and "Best 100 waterfall in Japan" lists! We wandered along the paths, paddled a little in the water and basically just enjoyed the beautiful environment. There weren't too many people which made it even better.
Someone has made some pretty good videos on Youtube for anyone interested in seeing the area in motion. This is number one of many!

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  1. What an absolutely gorgeous place to visit. The waters are stunning, so pretty!