Monday, September 05, 2011

A good morning's work

After over a month and a half I finally got into the garden for the morning. When it gets to this stage I have to put blinkers on and work out a line of attack which leaves me feeling like I actually achieved something rather than pottering here and there and not actually clearing very much. I'm looking forward to making some more raised beds in the future to make this a bit easier. I have to admit that I cringed a little when my mother-in-law also turned up and started doing some clearing, but I must have educated her well enough about where she is allowed to weed and where she can't enter and she stayed to the horrible edge bits that I never get around to while I managed to make pretty good progress in the central areas. I cringed for a second time when my father-in-law also turned up with the weedeater.... he works under the assumption that if there are weeds then there can't be anything else there worth saving and therefore cuts down everything in sight. I had visions of all my pumpkins being cut down (again), but fortunately I seem to have educated him pretty well too and he stayed away from the pumpkins and only cut weeds. Miracles never cease!
I won't have any chance to get into the garden for the next few days, but hopefully the progress will continue and there may be some bare ground ready for autumn planting.... or perhaps it will rain for the next week and all my weeding will be in vain - either way it felt good to make a few weed piles today!

1 comment:

  1. What an excellent job you did on the weeding, you can really tell the difference.

    Also, that was nice that the in-laws came to help and did stick to just the weeding versus taking out any plants, pumpkins and other things. That's awesome.: )