Friday, September 16, 2011

More Murphy's Law moments

Today I had to go to Oita from 9am and then teach in Yamaga and knew I wouldn't get home till about 5:30pm. The world cup rugby is on in New Zealand at the moment so we have signed up for a free 16 day trial of sky sport and then if New Zealand is still going strong we will sign up for long enough to watch them through to the final. From 5pm tonight there was the New Zealand vs Japan match. My husband came home early so he could watch it. I made dinner before I left at 9am so I could come home and relax and watch it. It hasn't rained for weeks. It is pouring tonight due to a typhoon which is passing in the distance. The rain affects some of the sky channels.... especially the sports channels. So right now we are watching a screen like this photo. Very occasional glimpses of the actual play come and go and we guess as to whether they are replays or not. The score seems to be 69 to 7.... a decent win... would be nice to watch....
I figured I could at least listen to the radio and get the basic idea of what was going on. Only the radio coverage is only available to people in New Zealand.... I guess I'm back to the internet updates..... just glad we are not actually paying for the coverage yet!

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