Thursday, September 01, 2011

Oops a Daisy at Takkiri Keikoku

One thing I really like about the fact that my children are now "growing up" is that I don't need to take bags and bags of things with us whenever we go on outings. They often throw a change of clothes into the car "just in case", but they get them ready themselves and I don't have to do anything. Unfortunately as adults we don't often prepare ourselves in the same way though.... and perhaps we should! After our garden outing Mum and I headed to cool off (literally as it turned out) and wander about 2km up a river bed to the top of a waterfall. It is a pleasant walk and the entire river bed is one enormous rock - nice and flat, ideal for just walking slowly up. We wandered up then were almost back to the car when... oops a daisy! Mum managed to go on quite a controlled slip not just onto her bum, but also onto her back too. It was a very gentle slip and the water was very shallow but the result was the same.... wet, wet, wet! Of course I was more worried about her bottle of drink that started floating away and she was more worried about her camera than her wet body. A few minutes sitting on the hot bonnet of the car didn't dry her out much so we headed home for a change of clothes before heading out for lunch.
After we got home my husband reminded me that that was the same place that my step-mum had also fallen into when she came on her first visit to Japan. Perhaps I should have learned from that experience... I wonder if I will change my ways the next time we go?

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  1. Your poor mom. I'm glad she was okay. I would have worried about my camera first too.

    Also, that's the one thing I'm happy about having bigger kiddos too. Just thinking about the snack bag I used to pack, the diaper bags, wipes and everything else in between. Now, they need much much less. Though I still bring a few snacks for the really long drives. : )