Sunday, March 22, 2009

A LONG weekend away

I have just spent the 3-day weekend here "working". I had to run a camp for 40 children, while also looking after my children - I definitely call that work! They are a group that I work with twice a year, and although that makes it easier in many ways, thinking of ways to challenge and entertain them gets harder each time. One of the biggest problems I have is that despite my daughter being 2 years younger than the youngest participants and my son being 4 years younger than the youngest participants they are taller than a lot of the participants... which means that they get treated as being a lot older than they are. They love this in many ways, but also get extremely tired trying to keep up etc. It is great being able to take them to work with me, but ...... it was also nice being able to bring them home tonight! And even nicer that tomorrow I have a completely free day (I hope I haven't spoken too soon!).
Every time I work with this group I am grateful that my children don't have the option of going to a private primary school here (sorry if anyone reading this is offended....). The difference in the ways of thinking and attitudes towards other members of the group of the private school students is sooooo different to those at public schools. They are so used to being pushed to be number one that they don't bother to think about others in the group and are always trying to gain an edge on others rather than working together (which is the aim of these camps....). I guess it all comes down to what you believe "good education" is, but I would far rather have children that don't always get 100% on their tests but think about others than children that get 100% on tests, but have no consideration for other people. Personal preference I guess!

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