Monday, March 09, 2009

The season of paper flowers

Is it just me or is Japan obsessed with making tissue paper flowers? For anyone who has never seen them, basically you make a concertina of about 6 sheets tissue paper, staple it in the middle and then separate out each individual piece of paper and voila - you have a paper tissue flower! They even have a machine for folding the paper. Today I went to kindergarten to help make literally hundreds of them in preparation for the graduation ceremony. The piano is now covered by white paper flowers, the stage is decorated with yellow ones and the ball that they pull in the middle of the room is now covered in yellow and green ones. We haven't even started on the "congratulations on your graduation" sign! The process is never ending. I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end....


  1. Oh wow! They look great. And that's a LOT of flowers!

    I'm kind of envious though- we get construction paper and scissors and make really intricate and pernickety cut out collages. AGHHHHH!

  2. thefukases: after a few years of paper flowers the novelty wears off! A collage sounds like a nice break right now....

  3. Interesting - could give the Alexandra Blossom festival a run for their money. They have just brought back conditions for the BF - you actually have to make flowers now. People were running out of volunteers so were scrimping on the flowers!! Paper flower nazis!! However, they do look good - however, different technique here.....