Monday, March 16, 2009

New Desk

For the last few weeks my son has taken an unusual interest in the weather forecast. Every morning he informs me that it will be sunny with the occasional cloudy period, or cloudy with occasional rain etc. It took me ages to work out why there was such a sudden interest in the weather. And then I remembered... I had told him that we wouldn't be able to go and get his new desk (a hand me down from a cousin) unless it was a fine day. Of course I meant a fine day in the weekend that also coincided with his father being free and his auntie being at home to let us in to get the desk. It has taken over a month for all these things to be right, but he now has his new desk - and I think he has spent at least 7 hours sitting at it since Saturday.... here's hoping that when he actually starts school and starts getting homework that he is as keen to sit at it! For anyone who has been to our house... the desk is in his room.... up those terrible stairs. There was more than a little bit of swearing going on as it was being maneuvered up!
Along with preparations for my son entering first grade there are the additional preparations required for my daughter entering third grade. The latest item that needed to be purchased was a calligraphy set. They all learn calligraphy here from the third grade with the proper ink set, brushes etc. The only other extra that I know about so far is a recorder that we already had at home.... I'm sure that next week another list will be handed out with more requirements. I can hardly wait!


  1. Look at that smile! How proud is he of his desk, hey? Here's hoping the enthusiasm lasts!

    And I7m jealous all your 'must have by tomorrow' things are storebought. I'm still working through the endless list of 'remember- children love home made!' things for A's kinder. grrrr

  2. lol, having flashbacks to last month when we had to get 2 inherited desks up our winding staircase... but hey, it was worth it, there's no way I'd pay for a brand new one (even if they deliver and assemble it for you in situ)!