Sunday, March 08, 2009

More school visits

Over the last week I seem to have spent far too much time at various schools. On Wednesday I had my last visit for the year at one of the local schools and they honored me by having the whole school eat lunch together in the library. At most schools this would mean a crowded room, but at this school there are only 20 students (plus 11 teachers ... another unbelievable situation here in Japan!) so they fit very nicely. Unfortunately the lunch was one of the worst I have had in a while, but I am so good at smiling and nodding and swallowing things whole now that I was awarded an Academy award for my performance!
The next day it was off to my daughter's school for the final PTA for the year. Each person in her class (all 11 of them) did a presentation of their life history so far (all 8 years of it) and then showed us their "talent". In my daughter's case it was to do 20 double skips in a row... in the classroom... in front of the kerosene heater.... more smiling and nodding and biting the inside of my cheek while scratching holes in my jeans as the skipping rope went closer and closer to the heater! In the end there were no accidents and everyone did a great job. It is amazing how quickly they progress.
I only have one more kindergarten class before the end of the "year" so I'm hoping to finally get some things done in the garden.... of course that means it will rain solidly for the next week!


  1. Oohh had plenty of those lunches. And all the kids watching to make sure you eat everything.... My smallest school had 5 kids and 7 teachers...

    Life histories of 8 year olds? Must have been riveting!

    I'm impressed at 20 double jumps but ditto on the proximity to the stove thing!

  2. Wow, you have a heater? There's no heater in Amy's class. The skipping kids in her class instead had to watch out for random dancing baby, aka Erica.

    They hadn't finished their life histories either, just the front page drawing. I'm looking forward to seeing that!

    Amy got to play the piano instead of skip!

  3. thefukases: fortunately the kids have stopped being wowed by my chopstick skills and don't worry too much about my leftovers - in fact they seem to have more than me!
    Rachel: yes - they do have a heater.... kerosene fumes and all. I'm not sure which is better - a cold room or a smelly one! I guess you have a few more children in your classroom to warm it up!