Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trial Run

Today I went to my first "ceremony" of the "ceremony season". It was a graduation ceremony at a kindergarten that I teach at and because I was invited as one of the VIPs I got to sit with the policeman, the post office chief, the education board chief etc. The main problem with this is that whenever anybody does anything during the ceremony they have to bow at the VIPs table before and after doing it and then the VIPs have to bow back.... every time.... I was going to pass the time by counting how many times I had to bow, but lost track after 21. The kids were so funny though - they lost track of when they should be bowing, standing, sitting etc. after the first 10 minutes and ended up making it into a great game.
Next week is my son's graduation ceremony (that's right, from kindergarten.....) so at least today I got to see what the current "fashion" is so I don't make too much of a fool of myself. Traditionally all graduation ceremonies are very somber events and therefore you wear your black funeral outfits, but fortunately more and more people are adding a bit of colour. I would hate to break the rules... again!


  1. Go on, break the rules!!

    Yoshi today "broke the rules" by being ultra-traditional! It took the heat off my black dress (OK) with the red skirt (suck teeth here...)

  2. Oh come on, someone else has to get it wrong as well as me! I can tell you, having a cleavage on show + having to bow lots = a bad combination.