Monday, March 23, 2009

Will I ever learn?

Tomorrow is the farewell party for my son's class at kindergarten. All the children who aren't graduating make presents to give to those who are graduating and vice versa. The parents also pool their money and give something to all the teachers at the kindergarten to say thanks for all their hard work. Usually they buy a t-shirt or some socks... but, me being the stupid person that I am suggested that we give them something a little more memorable and suggested tumblers - after all my Christmas efforts I thought that I could probably whip up the required 10 without too much trouble. Unfortunately I hadn't counted on all the other mothers thinking it was such a great idea that they wanted one too. So today I finally finished all 28 cups... next time I think I will keep my mouth shut or suggest that no one can ever have too many pairs of socks!
I also made a key holder for all the children with pictures of all their classmates. Maybe next time I should just claim that the printer is broken!
I also discovered today that I have to do a speech not only at the graduation ceremony, but also at the entrance ceremony for the new children at kindergarten in April. I thought my reign as chairperson was over, but obviously not quite. yet..... bugger!


  1. Phew! What a lot of hard work but they are lovely!

    Where did you get the tumblers?? I am thinking about using them as Christmas presents for my English classes next year!!

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Man, when i left kindy all i got was a card with a penguin on it walking over a pedestrian crossing! The tumblers are cool though - Terry puts coffee in his for the car on the days he's kind enough to take me to work!!
    Love reading your blog on my lunch break! Beth

  3. You're amazing! We gave the teachers potted flowers in pots decorated by the kids. Think I'll suggest the tumblers next year!!

    Otsukaresama on your duties!

  4. Vicky: I got the tumblers from the local department store. There are more expensive ones from Starbucks etc., but as a gesture any ones that you can remove the inside from are fine if you ask me! If you have a laminating machine I suggest laminating the pictures as it means the colour lasts so much longer and if water does get in it is not destroyed immediately. Once you have made one the rest are very easy!
    Beth - glad you enjoy the tumblers. I am glad I can fill in your lunch times! Let me know what you are up to when you have time and when you are coming back to visit! Congratulations on your new job.
    the fukases - painted pots also sound like a great idea. I think anything that is more personal than a pair of socks or a tie is great!

  5. Thanks! I'll have to have a look next time I go shopping. I have 80 students so maybe it's a bit too expensive.....