Friday, October 01, 2010

Before and After

They are taken from a slightly different angle, but the two photos are of the same part of my garden - one taken on the 10th of September and the other on Wednesday. Can you notice anything different? With the help of the weedeater, the tractor and some grandparents sweat, the garden is finally in a state where it is ready for some autumn planting. On Wednesday my schedule and the weather finally worked together and I managed to get a few seeds and some seedlings into the ground before another day of rain on Thursday. The children took turns helping so hopefully over the next week or two their enthusiasm will continue and we will actually have some vegetables before the really cold weather sets in. That is of course if the vegetable seeds can compete with the weed seeds.....


  1. Great! everytime I read your blog I really look forward to garden and bee stories...and I can't wait to move to Japan and start my own garden!

  2. You need a scyth! Great fun and less noisy than a weed-whacker (or weed-eater as your people call it). And on flat land like that, it is just as fast.

  3. oh wow. I want your PIL!

    Is there a gap between the end of the summer harvest and the autumn planting for you? Ours are back to back so no chance for the weeds to get that high. And I'm another scythe devotee!

  4. Well done on getting rid of all those weeds. You guys must have worked really hard honestly. That's not easy work.

    And Fall veggies planted. Yay. I like that your whole family gets involved in it. That's really important.: )