Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Festival

Today my husband organised a "pumpkin carving workshop" as part of the first ever pumpkin festival in our town. Unfortunately he hadn't really ever carved a pumpkin so we got Chris around to carve a couple of impressive ones last night and get a few hints before today's workshop. Thanks Chris - they were much admired!
I was the "assistant" at the workshop and although I didn't get into a short skirt and wear bunny ears I managed to survive the day and actually help a few people. It was restricted to a "parents and children" event and it was great to see families out having a good time. They made some great pumpkins and all and all it was a great day out.... although I now feel the need for an early night!


  1. Wow! Those are great! Where did you get the pumpkins? Did you grow them yourselves? If so, what variety did you use? NONE of our orange pumpkins survived the heat this summer so I am looking for a more heat-resistant variety. No where is as hot as Gifu, but you are down south so it must have been pretty warm.

    Do you just tape the templates on and cut? Easier said that done! They really do look terrific!


  2. That looks like so much fun! I liked all the different faces each person made.

    We always carve a pumpkin with the boys over here, every year. That's the one thing that I keep as a Halloween tradition for us here. We use the templates here as well. : )

  3. Oh my FUN! Same question...where did you get the pumpkins?

  4. Gorgeous! And I love that your husband had a crash course before becoming teacher. Was anyone grossed out by the scooping part of it? I tried with kinder kids last year and no-one would touch it. well except my two....

    Love the little boy looking so serious with his stencil!

  5. Awesome pumpkins!!! Amazing in fact. I'm very jealous-what gorgeous pumpkins-very fine specimans.xxD

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  7. カボチャ祭りおもしろそうですね。Looks like so much fun and the kids must have enjoyed it so much.