Sunday, October 03, 2010

New Box garden

Firstly - Heather, in theory our summer harvest is being pulled out at the same time as our autumn plantings, but... this year I just let the garden go. Under all the weeds were the zucchinis!
In an attempt to prevent too many more huge weed piles this year I have started planting a few more "permanent" crops. Yesterday I decided to haul some of our sleepers into the big garden (my husband was anti the idea, so it was a solo job... sleepers are very heavy....) and make a small box garden for some blueberries. I have never had much luck growing them in the ground here before, but this time I added heaps of peat moss so I'm hoping they will rocket away and we will all have perfect vision by next summer! The box looks better in real life than in the photo, but my husband's only comment was that he "couldn't comment on it".... Perhaps I'll keep hauling next week and build another 10 boxes just to spite him! Or perhaps not... my arms are feeling it a bit today.
The kids have decided that gardening is also fun and have been back out with me this morning - both in the same part of the garden, both sharing one packet of seeds, both chatting away, both not fighting.... I'm waiting for the bubble to burst!
Right, we're off to Oita to celebrate my daughter's birthday (which is tomorrow). She didn't want to have a party this year, just wanted to go to Toys R Us and then bowling. Fun, fun, fun!


  1. go on - build ten more just to spite him. Neighbours will think boxed sleeper veggie patch is foreign freak of nature.

    Hope you have a great birthday - sounds like Emily picked good things to do considering the shitty weather.

  2. Your boxes look much nicer than mine. We tested boxes last fall because I wanted to put boards over the top in winter to protect the soil and keep the weight of the snow from compacting it, which means we have to till in spring. Hopefully we will be able to make our entire backyard into no-till garden, and eventually make it high enough that we don't have to stoop too much to weed and work on it. (though we may need a ladder to harvest tomatoes)

  3. Your raised beds look good. they should be much easier top manage. We havea large veg patch and if it's left just for a week it goes wild and then the weeds have taken over. the raised beds are a good idea