Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's following me

We have one very long, very skinny snake that has decided it really likes our garden and possibly our egg boxes. Every time I go outside it seems like it is just sitting there staring at me. It usually looks for a bit and then slithers away. There was one broken egg in the chicken house today and I suspect it was the snake's doing, but a bit hard to tell. I'm not too worried though as it should go into hibernation soon... I think I have lived here far too long as they no longer make me jump and run inside anymore!
In other news I think I have builders-envy. My brother and his partner are building an enormous house on an enormous piece of land at the moment and all their stories of concrete foundations etc. are making me jealous! I have therefore continued on with my building projects and in my spare hour this afternoon whipped up another box garden.... now I just need to find something to plant in it! Not exactly a new house, but I did do it all by myself....


  1. I think that snake likes you! : ) Either that or at least your chicken eggs. ; )

    Your brother's house sounds like it's going to be really lovely.

    I really love your raised beds/box garden Jo. Those are so nice. Think I'm getting "raised bed/box garden" envy over here. : )

  2. Brother Mike3:26 PM

    You're more than welcome to come and build some of those on our "enormous" piece of land if you like. They look pretty good to me!

  3. Brother Mike3:27 PM

    Oh, just leave the snake behind, please! We can do without one of those!...

  4. I have sleeper envy looking at your raised beds!

    Just wondering what the advantages are of the raised beds on a large scale? I do the une (hump?) rows with black plastic down as a weed mat/ water control to help get through the wet season without the place turning into a mud bath. I love the look of the raised beds though and wonder if that would work better....

  5. My chickens love snake. Grab him and chop him up. The chooks will love it. You can cook it on the grill if you want to.

    Be careful though, a while back I was bitten by an Aodaisho snake as I tried to catch it (I was officially inebriated at the time) . Not poisonous, but it stung a bit.