Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Three's a crowd

My daughter has always been a bit scared of the chickens, but lately she has been very brave and has even started going out in the dark with her torch to put them away at night by herself. Last week she was rewarded for her bravery by a very kind hen who decided to lay an egg just as we were checking the nests. She was amazed by the way it stood up, basically opened its bottom and popped the egg out then toddled off to play. I have seen it a few times, but it really is pretty neat to watch.
Anyway, this morning when I went to check the eggs a chicken looked like she was about to drop again so I rushed off to get the camera hoping to capture the moment on film.... but no such luck. If I didn't have to rush off to sing a few rounds of heads, shoulders knees and toes I may have been more successful, but time was against me. So here is a picture of a hen about to lay an egg with a couple of her friends watching on. They actually have 7 boxes now that they can lay in, but they all usually choose to pile in on top of each other and lay in the same box - a different box each day mind you. Perhaps tomorrow I will have more luck before I rush off for a bit of Hi5 jumping forward and back... gotta love my day job!


  1. i think she's beautiful! nothing like trying to lay an egg with everyone watching on...LOL

    can you email me your mailing address. i have a thank you card for you... :D

  2. Your chickens look so nice. You must take very good care of them. They look so white. Very nice feathers/plumage.

    And very cool that your daughter got to see a chicken lay an egg. : )

  3. LOL illahee. I reckon. A husband, two midwives and a doctor is just too cozy. Pity we couldn't do lunch today. How about Friday - and no I'm not trying to stalk you :D You are one busy person though so if nog go then I'll just turn up at your house unannounced after we get back - and stay in cottage until you show up!