Friday, October 08, 2010

How many eggs can one family eat?

These are two different views of today's eggs. 15 in total.... we need to make some big decisions about our older chickens soon! Either we need to find a few people who will buy eggs regularly each week (like our neighbour does) or we need to say goodbye to a few of the older chickens. As much as I'd love to keep just giving eggs away to wherever I am working each day the cost of feeding them is just a little too much and chances of us using 15 eggs a day are very low!


  1. right, I'll be round on Monday or Tuesday - I believe I'm in need of some eggs.

  2. send em' here...we can sure use them right about now....they look wonderful

  3. 15 eggs a day, each day. That is a little bit too much isn't it. And like you said.....paying for their feed and to end up giving eggs for free. Just doesn't sound very cost effective at all. : ( Too bad you can't find more people to buy the eggs. I'm hoping your family can keep the older chickens somehow.

  4. I'll sign up to buy a dozen or so each week! If I can find a way to get them, but then I suppose picking them up will be half the fun... cuppa tea, gossip... meet in the middle for lunch...

  5. Have you tried sending them by takkyubin? Would it be too expensive to send them to Osaka? I would love to have eggs from such well cared for chooks. If you think something could be worked out please drop me an email..
    PS...the cake stands are fabulous!