Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cake stand

Today was my birthday and although it wasn't a very exciting day, I did manage to enjoy it at times! Thank you to those who sent birthday messages - they were all read and appreciated!
My mother owns an auction house and a while ago I asked her if she could get me a cake stand if a nice one came up. The only cake stands I had knowledge of were the metal kind with the flowery plates which I didn't particularly like, but thought it would be nice to have one when guests come. Anyway, when she came to visit earlier this year she brought a wonderful antique oak stand with her and then for my birthday she sent me another beautiful (oak?) stand which is a slightly different style. I love them both, but haven't yet had a chance to use them. I figured that needed to change so in preparation for some visitors coming tomorrow afternoon I continued on with my recipe book "from start to finish" challenge and made some melting moments, Mum's tea cake with apples, and some peppermint slice.
Unfortunately my husband is sleeping off his aches and pains after completing the 100km walk for the third year (after a slight hiccup on the way) so the photos are not particularly great. I'm sure you get the idea though. Thanks Mum!


  1. Happy Birthday Jo! : )

    And I like your cake stands, they're really pretty. You're mom has excellent taste. : )

  2. Happy Birthday Jo!

    And wow. What a cakestand! You are a different class of baker than I am- the pressure to have three kinds of cake at a time would do me in!

  3. happy birthday!!

    love the cake stands, they are fabulous!

  4. Happy birthday!! And what a lot of cakes. Pity you can't send some down the intertubes to me.... Sigh!

  5. Happy Birthday, Jo
    I've never seen anything like those cake stands - they're fantastic. Definitely much more interesting than the flowery kind. Best of luck with the cookbook challenge.

  6. Anonymous11:34 PM

    happy birthday!