Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cold starts to the day

So far this year we seem to have had a pretty mild winter, especially compared to other parts of Japan.  Despite this my son is very happy that it is still really, really cold most mornings - cold enough to freeze various pools of water around the place.  Before going to bed he keeps a check on the outside temperature and it is the first thing he checks when he wakes up.  If he deems the temperature to have been low enough he goes around the neighbourhood and collects slabs of ice to bring home and smash against the deck.  The saying "small things amuse small minds" comes to mind!  
One morning he was running late for school though so I got to remove the round slab of ice from the chicken's water and also discovered some amazing mushroom-like beautiful icicles in the grass.  I proudly told my son about them in the afternoon and he snorted and said he smashes them every morning on his way to collecting the ice.... is there a word for someone who has no respect for anything made from ice?  I think I need to find him another hobby!


  1. I have it on good authority that this is not a comment - but I will say it anyway - Brrrrrrr......!!!

  2. Those "mushroom icicles" freak my dogs out something chronic. This is their first winter out of the city and they are finding the whole thing both exciting and a bit scary.

  3. Your son sounds more Canadian than we are. Here we are complaining about the cold and counting the days until spring!

    Such a beautiful picture! I took an arctic ecology course while in university and we had to learn dozens and dozens of names for different forms of snow and ice. I am pretty sure that once upon a time I knew the technical term for those mushroom icicles, but not anymore. Such a shame that our brains work that way :(