Friday, January 18, 2013

Gingerbread house

A few years ago I was asked to make a gingerbread house for the kids kindergarten and although it was satisfying, it was really fiddly and I got a bit frustrated with it half way through.  My gingerbread slabs weren't all exactly the same size so when I tried to put it together it was pretty lopsided and needed days to dry in order to be solid enough for it to be decorated and transported.
So, with that experience behind me I wasn't overly excited when my daughter saw a kitset for a gingerbread house in IKEA and looked at me with puppy-dog eyes as she asked if we could buy one and make it for Christmas.  Another reason is that usually "we" means "Mum" when it comes to these kind of things....   Anyway, I agreed and the three of us sat down just before Christmas to put it together and decorate it.  And guess what?  It was actually a pleasant experience!  Not only did the icing I made stick it together very fast (it was helpful that all the pieces were the correct sizes!), but both children sat together and designed it, then proceeded to do all the fiddly bits together - right until the whole thing was completed!  We even managed to make some snowmen out of candymelts that wouldn't melt properly.
My gingerbread house phobia is now over and I'm looking forward to finding another set in a shop again next year! 


  1. Birgit12:29 PM

    it looks great, your little house! It´s too nice to be eaten!

  2. I love your gingerbread house. I think it came out awesome. : )

    I saw 2 different kits at Kmart for gingerbread houses the last time I was in Guam and I was so close to buying one. My husband talked me out of it. Hahaha. : ) But now reading this, you have inspired me and next year, if I can track down a kit too, I think I’ll give it a shot as well. : )

  3. It certainly looks very impressive - but I also liked your first attempt

  4. I've made the Ikea one before and love it! So so so much easier than making it yourself! I remember my mum making them when I was little and how much trouble she had trying to make the house part that we normally just had an A-frame. The Ikea way you get a cute house and loose the stress, win-win!

  5. KatieM6:57 AM

    Looks great!