Monday, January 14, 2013

Comment question answers

As you have all been so good about commenting on my entries, I think it is only fair that I answer your questions too..... sorry, I am not good at answering in the comment section as I always forget to go back and check on the blogs I have commented on.....

Mum - Big K nudge - anytime after about June would be perfect!  Asparagus may or may not be able to be harvested in the first year.  I'm guessing I probably killed quite a lot of it by slicing it through with the spade....

Megan - I have no idea what the fancy electronic panel on the front of the new fridge does.  The delivery guy said that unless we live in Hokkaido or Okinawa we shouldn't touch it... so I haven't!

George and Erika - yes, the halloween picks are the Genki English pictures - I just laminated them, cut them out and stuck them on toothpicks - very easy!

Clare Maree - I just put all the little houses inside each other and then put them in a big box with some packaging.  I also included some hot-glue gun sticks to make repairs!  Pretty easy to put back together if they fall apart.

Heather - asparagus tips... don't let devil weeds become entwined in it!  Apart from that mulch, mulch and more mulch at the end of each season and it seems to do very well.  And no "fresh" manure - my in-laws lost a huge patch when they broke this rule as it burnt all the new shoots.

Katy - Emily and I ate the strawberry... it was enough for us both and probably would have made a decent pot of jam!

Dawn - surprisingly the strawberry had a lot of flavour.  I'm guessing it was two or three regular ones fused together....

I do realise that I am basically bribing you to comment on this blog in order to motivate me to keep writing, but I really have enjoyed the comments and communication that I have been receiving and I have been trying harder to write on other people's blogs in return..  Thank you! Here's hoping we can keep up both ends of the bargain!  Oh, and this entry is not part of the 3-comment rule.... look forward to some piano playing tomorrow!

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  1. I was never any good at replying to comments, but Blogger now has the ability to let you subscribe to comments on a post. It means you'll get emails of all the comments sent to you and won't miss a thing... as long as you remember to actually click on"subscribe by email"...! (Something I'm really good at forgetting to do!)