Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dedication or stupidity

On Sunday I spent the day lying on the couch watching TV.  The perfect thing to do on a snowy Sunday when you aren't feeling 100%.  I'm not really sure why, but instead of following my lead my husband decided he had to go and chop down some trees and start cutting them up for firewood that we will use in 2 years time.... his current job means that he often has to work weekends so the time he can do it is limited, but still... I'm not sure if he is just devoted to keeping us all warm or just plain stupid! 
On that same cold, snowy Sunday the road works people decided that they had to continue work on asphalting the tiny k-truck road that about 1 truck drives along every week - if that.  I'm guessing they have a contract and they were falling behind, but again devotion or stupidity I'm not quite sure!  The road was finally finished today and my son is now eyeing it as a great waveboard track....he is not likely to have to look out for traffic!


  1. I hope my wife doesn't read this. She'll make me do something stupid like cutting our pile of logs into firewood.

  2. Birgit4:24 PM

    brrrrrr, it´s snowing!? Here we have 25C at the moment!!! The board for the new track will come!

  3. What a good husband! And what a nice idea to snuggle inside on a snowy Sunday.