Saturday, February 02, 2013

Here we go again

For the last five years the first Friday and Saturday in February have been devoted to making cookies and muffins for the school bazaar. This year was no different... it started on Friday by making close to 600 cookies of various kinds and putting them all into bags.  Then this morning it was muffin time - 3 different kinds (chocolate - iced, vanilla - iced, pumpkin - cinnamon sugar topping), with a total of about 120.  Again they needed to be bagged and priced.  
As has become the norm, I made all the cookies and muffins, but had people come and help to put them in the bags etc.  This way works best for me - I'm not so good at getting people who have never done any baking to help me when large volumes are needed!  I know if I was a very good person who was thinking about the future of the school I would "teach" them how to do it so when I am gone they can continue, but.... my guess is our school will basically be gone by the time my son graduates and it is just so much easier to do it myself...... maybe next year.......


  1. Anonymous2:48 PM

    no bloody wonder you had to get off the phone!! Thats insane. Bet they all get bought in a flash though. Any left over for coffee time next week?

  2. Megan6:50 PM

    Without doubt there will be a stampede for your delicious baked goods like there was the year I was there... only this time I won't be the one leading the charge!!

  3. In spite of this comment, you deserve a few days holiday from blogging after that effort!