Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Growing up!

Yesterday Emily found the apron that she had when she first started school six years ago...... I guess it is evidence that she really has grown up.. and out!  She has grown 41cm in six years.
As we start thinking about the things we will need to start junior high school I found it interesting to look back at my entry from 6 years ago which shows all the things that we needed before she started primary school.  At the time it was a bit nerve racking trying to work it all out and justify paying so much for a school bag etc.  But, now that I look back at it she has managed to use a lot of her things for the full 6 years and therefore the expense probably wasn't so over the top.  Her first sports uniform is still being used by her skinny brother, the mouth-organ piano thingy is still being used as it is the tray for her desk, the sports clothes bag, the red and white hat, the umbrella and of course the school bag..  I'm really hoping that she won't grow too much in the next 3 years and I will be able to say that she used all her new junior high school things for the entire 3 years.... I think I might be fooling myself, but all you can do is hope! 


  1. Love the apron!
    Did you make it yourself, Jo?

  2. Very encouraging to hear that some stuff survives six years of school. Though I was rather hoping that we wouldn't have pianica practise for that long!

  3. Lovely apron, Jo!

  4. Cute! I love the comparison.
    I thought my kids would get angry when I told them i was not making new lunch bags for them, I'm hoping to get 9 years out of some things!!