Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowy Friday

On Friday I had a muffin and coffee date planned, but.... when we woke up the world was white and I opted to stay home in front of the fire instead.  My husband tried to get the kids to school on time, but the main road was at a complete stand still (Hokkaido residents would laugh!).  Apparently a truck had jack-knifed and was blocking the main road and it was taking people about an hour and a half to drive 5kms.  Fortunately my husband has a big car and he isn't scared of driving in snow so he backtracked and took the kids to school via the mountain route - and after slipping and sliding most of the way he got the kids to school only 10 minutes later than usual.  But, of course most of the teachers were a couple of hours late so they didn't really need to rush anyway.  The kids here are so used to having no teacher in their class (no relieving teacher system here so if a teacher is away for any reason the kids are just given handouts to complete and are left alone....) so they didn't seem particularly worried that their teacher was so late.   
I didn't have to teach till late afternoon so I spent the whole day lazing around and hoping the roads would clear before I had to head out - which they did.  Another good reason to stop teaching in the mornings!
I'm guessing that this will be the last real snow of this season... or at least I'm hoping.... we have great friends arriving on Friday so I'm hoping we are not snowed in!


  1. Wow! I know it's no fun to have to go about your daily business in, but snow sure is purdy, isn't it?
    How often do you get snowfall of that degree that far south?

  2. I'm impressed your school didn't ask the kids to come in late. It sure is pretty. Did you have any winter crops in that would be damaged? Hope not!

  3. I can't believe there is so much snow in your area. Does the snow clear around March/April?

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