Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Wood pile full at last!

We did it!  All our wood sheds are full (bottom photo) plus we have a big stack by the car (top photo).  The wood sheds are 6 rows deep, which hopefully means we have a two year supply.  My husband is a bit pedantic when it comes to the wood.  It has to be cut two years in advance and dried.  The felled trees initially need to be cut into 1m lengths and then brought home and cut into 33cm logs before being split.  As I am the main stacker of the wood I do actually appreciate having wood all exactly the same length - it makes it a lot easier to stack.  
This year I had another job apart from the stacking.  I was responsible for marking the 1m logs into 33cm sections with chalk.  My husband then took to them with the chainsaw.  I took the job very seriously, but unfortunately I didn't quite measure up.... My son was also helping and at one stage my husband asked him to re-measure one of the logs that I had marked.  As suspected I had made an error... I had marked one of the logs at 34cm rather than 33cms.  Fingers were wagged and I was asked to be more careful, but my son and I just turned to each other and laughed!  In the end my husband also decided that maybe he was being a little pedantic and that perhaps the log wasn't actually exactly 1m to start with.  I chose not to point out that 33cm plus 33cm plus 33cm only makes 99cm....  Somethings will never change though so I'm not sure I will be asked to measure again next year.  I will feel so deprived!


  1. oh wow...... just wowwwwww I will upload a pic of our woodpile to scare your DH with!

    You did answer something that has always puzzled me though- how everyone gets the wood EXACTLY the same length all the time.... chalk!

  2. Megan2:47 AM

    That sure is a lot of wood!!

  3. Amazing, a lot of wood but in a way it looks creative as well :)

  4. That's a lot of chopping! I thought we had a big pile of wood. It gets pretty cold in Tsukahara. Are you burning only hardwoods? We burn oak, cherry, and acacia. Falling the trees can be a lot of work and dangerous. Sometimes I think it's cheaper and safer to have someone else do the work. Erika doesn't agree. Her favorite word is "FREE" and most of the wood we have has been cut from donated trees. It has taken us awhile to get used to cutting wood for two years down the road. I had a hard enough time keeping up with a year supply of wood. Cured wood sure keeps the creosote and smoke down.