Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wood chopping....

My husband spent most of last night putting together this video of his wood chopping efforts and kindly said that I could share it with you.  Unfortunately I can't find the original videos as from what I heard I could actually remake it and add a very good bloopers section...... He has definitely gone for the good selection of chopping action - if you watch right till the end you can even see a double bammy chop!!
This year I have been much more relaxed over the help that my father-in-law is giving us.  I think in the past I have been determined to show that we chose to put in a fireplace and therefore we are responsible for supplying the wood for it.  Every year my father-in-law tries to help and I feel the need to race out and help him if I am around, or even better try and get it done before he can.  But this year... I get the feeling that he really WANTS to chop the wood so I tend to hibernate when he is doing it and then sneak out later and stack it - still a big job, but not as bad as having to chop it.  So with the combination of my husband needing to make a video and my father-in-law wanting to feel needed I am yet to pick up an axe this year.  The wood shed is over half full..... what are the chances I will actually be able to get through the entire wood chopping season without lifting an axe?  High I hope.....


  1. Very cool! A great video and I love the "YES!" at the end!!!

  2. Wow! What rhythm! Well done Tom. I am going to show this to Kevin to see if it inspires him.

  3. Tom, What a machine!!!! Impressive!!

  4. Birgit6:30 pm

    Wow, great job, Tom!
    It looks like no more snow!? YEAH!!!!! Can´t wait!

  5. Definitely お見事!

  6. K is horrified- your husband must have a sore back with that small axe and he's so good at it why doesn't he have a bigger axe? the only other comments were a lot of ii-ya ii-yas and a big sugoi! at the end.

    It's funny as K did kendo through JHS and I think his style looks weird as he brandishes an axe like a sword. Will have to sneak a recording sometime....

    Impressed you haven't wielded an axe yet this season!

  7. Megan2:39 am

    Best facial expressions ever!!