Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Craziness for a good cause

I don't usually use my blog as a way of promoting other people's things, but this one is worth it.!
New Zealand has a large number of unique birds which are continuously under threat from different introduced predators and humans taking over their habitats.  Most people know all about the kiwi, but have you ever heard of the kea?  It is a bit of a cheeky alpine parrot that is diminishing in numbers.  Although it has a bit of a bad reputation for eating rubber off cars and stealing the occasional bit of cash from unknowing tourists, it is a beautiful bird that is extremely intelligent.  The exact number of living birds left in the wild is unknown, but is estimated to be only between 1,000 and 5,000.  It needs a bit of help to prevent it from becoming extinct and that is where my crazy brother-in-law comes in....
He has decided to try and do something to help the kea and has teamed up with his brother to climb 21 different named peaks in the Nelson Lakes National park in New Zealand.  Not too much of a challenge for young, fit men... so they are making it a little more challenging by only climbing peaks which are over 2,000 meters and climbing all 21 peaks within 21 days.  They are collecting sponsorship from organisations and individuals and all money raised will go towards the plight of the kea. They leave at the end of the week... and hopefully will return safe and sound 3 weeks later!
If anyone is interested in following their journey or supporting them please check out the following links:
Facebook: 21 peaks in 21 days  - Please like them as a way of supporting them!


  1. A tale about the intelligence of keas from a DOC ferret & rat trap setter. They were having problems with the traps being sprung so set up a watch and found the keas were springing the traps by poking a long stick in. So the traps were redesigned with a curved pipe leading in. The keas sat, heads cocked, watching and looking very smug. They then proceeded to find curved sticks to spring the traps.....

  2. Good luck to your BIL and friend. Thats a great expedition planned. And thats very interesting Jude above. I never knew Keas were that intelligent. Clever clever.

  3. Well the boys are off! Thanks so much Katy for your VERY generous donation! Nathan was completely blown away! Let's hope the next 21 days go off without a hitch!