Monday, February 04, 2013

Next stage of life

Because the children had to go to school on Saturday and Sunday this week they now have today and tomorrow as a holiday.  Yippee!  We used the day off to try and get some of Emily's junior high school shopping underway. I feel a bit like a fish out of water.... I have just got a handle of everything that is required/expected at primary school and now it all starts again with junior high school.  This biggest challenge at the moment is trying to get all the school uniform things organised.  Today we went to three different shops and ordered the main uniform (pictured) from one shop, the sports uniform from another shop and then the compulsory sports shoes and indoor slippers (vomit... I'll do a post on them when they arrive!) from yet another shop.  I think within the next month they should all arrive and will hopefully fit properly - and last for the next 3 years......
Unlike some people, I have no problem with school uniforms and actually think they are a good idea.  Yes, they are expensive and mean the kids can't express their individuality through their clothes on a daily basis.  But in the end I think they probably work out cheaper than having to have a good supply of clothes to wear each day.  I had to wear school uniform at high school in New Zealand and found it so much easier to not have to think about what to wear each day.  Emily is excited about wearing one, but at the same time not too impressed about having to wear a skirt every day.  I'm sure she'll get over it soon!  I'll update the other uniforms as they arrive...


  1. That's a cool uniform.

  2. Birgit8:12 PM

    Hello Emily,
    I absolutely love your new uniform! Rosa also likes it a lot! Here in Hong Kong most schools have uniforms (Peter and Rosas school doesn´t have one), but non of them is as nice as yours.

  3. Birgit8:14 PM

    ups, here is the "e" that is missing at "none".... : )

  4. Yes, those kids in Japan in uniforms is a thing to behold:-)

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  5. Spring is coming soon and I’ll be shelling out for a new youchien uniform for my daughter. They are expensive, but she grew through her already oversized uniform this year. I bought the uniform pants a good 5 centimeters long in the legs but when winter finally rolled around the pants had magically shrunk to the right length. Now her ankles are showing and her tummy hangs out of her shirt. I just don’t have the heart to send her to school in something so ill fitting. Do junior high school students really just wear the one uniform for the full three years? How is that even possible?