Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Attracting the birds

Now that the rice harvest is almost over I am officially allowed to start attracting birds into the garden (they have a terrible habit of eating the rice, so I have been forbidden until now...). Yesterday the children and I made a bird table and gave them some honey water (just like at Nan's house), some stale bread and some over-roasted pumpkin seeds. So far there has been one sparrow and many preying mantis come to drink the water... maybe if the children were a little quieter and didn't run up to check if there are any birds there every chance they have there would be more chance of birds actually coming...

Today the first of my recent "modelling" sessions was published on the internet. It is an introduction to Kitsuki City (the city in which I live) which is written by a journalist, but the way it is written it sounds like I am actually writing it..... It is supossed to be in 4 different languages, but so far only the Japanese, Korean and Chinese translations have been uploaded. If you want to have a look at the pictures (or you can read Japanese) then check out the following link: O-net
Hopefully the English version will be updated soon too.....

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  1. Hi Jo, found the english version but no hot link to an article about you other than the little intro. Good work!!!