Friday, October 20, 2006

Changing seasons

Yesterday I was so engrossed in looking at how quickly my cucumbers etc. in the tunnel house are growing that I failed to notice a small ditch and managed to roll my ankle - leaving me limping for the rest of the day. The result... my plans for spending all day in the garden were changed and I finally got on with making some of this season's jam... "Japanese lime (Kabosu) marmalade". My parents-in-law grow many of these limes (although this season is a particularly bad one) and, although they always leave me wishing that I had an industrial strength food processor, this particular type is seedless - making life a little easier. Today was a trial run and keeping in mind how much my father always complained to my grandmother if the marmalade was too runny, I may have boiled it a little too long - I'm off to try some on toast for lunch! Anyone care to join me?
By the way - the English version of the Kitsuki City introduction now seems to be online. Please keep in mind that I didn't do the writing and I didn't choose the places to visit (except for my favorite tea shop.... therefore some of it is not exactly my words! The English link is O-net

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  1. Mickey4:38 PM

    How is your ankle?
    I hope you get better soon.
    Please take care.