Thursday, October 12, 2006

Kindness at the chicken shop

It was my birthday on Tuesday and to "celebrate" we bought fried chicken for dinner (the equivalent of kiwi 'Fish and chips'). When we were ordering our exciting chicken dinner an old man who was waiting for his order went rushing out to his car and brought me a butterfly for my daughter. Then he noticed that my son was also there so he rushed back again and presented us with another one.
The butterflies wings are made from "junk mail" and the antennae are made from cigarette papers. If I had seen one sitting somewhere I probably wouldn't have looked twice at it. But the way the old man (I didn't ask his age, but I would say he is in his late 80s) presented them proudly to us and went on to tell us that he made them every day and that today he had only managed to make the two we were given made them very special. Looking into his car the dashboard was full of the materials needed for making the butterflies. Making butterflies for unsuspecting fried chicken buyers is obviously his life now. I look at them every day now and think "if there were more people in this world who made paper butterflies simply to please others then maybe there wouldn't be so many of the terrible things that we see in the news every day". I wonder what I will be making when I am 80 and whether it will make someone's birthday a special day!

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  1. Mickey4:41 PM

    It's so lovely butterfly!
    and it's so nice episode.