Friday, October 13, 2006

Extending the season

After my Nanna telling me about her annual freezing effort of grapefruit and Sunny writing about preserving all the produce at her current "farm" I finally got around to starting to "preserve" some of the zillion pumpkins etc. that are lying all around the place today. First it was the pumpkins... I now know why I didn't throw away all my margerine containers - they hold one cup of mashed pumpkin (the required amount for pumpkin muffins...) perfectly. Of course having cooked the flesh I felt the need to deal with the seeds too so am attempting my first try at drying pumpkin seeds to eat... I'll keep you updated as to their success!
While waiting for the pumpkins to cook I decided I'd better also deal with some of the many radishes that are ready at the moment. Radishes seem to be one of those vegetables that all the books say "everyone should grow" - and the books are right - they are simple and fast to grow, but..... what do you do with them once you've grown them? There are only so many you can put in one salad.... I pickle them in a sugar/Japanese lime mix, but again there are only so many of them you can eat too! If you have any other radish suggestions please let me know.... there are still a whole lot ready in the garden!
After the radishes it was on to the okra seeds - one of the advantages of letting the garden get a little out of control is that seed pods appear everywhere.... This year I am going to try and save seeds from different plants and try and get them to grow next year - well that is the plan anyway. So far I have okra and eggplant seeds....

Now I guess I should get on with my "real work" for a while... or maybe I'll just go back into the garden!

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