Thursday, October 05, 2006

Famous at last?

The last two days have been full of smiling! Yesterday morning I had to smile for the camera as a photographer and writer came to write an article for the newspaper about our new "guest house". They are going to do a full page write-up in the "lifestyle" section of the Oita-godo newspaper on November 3rd (for anyone living in Japan), which should hopefully be some good free advertising! They certainly took enough pictures to fill an entire newspaper. It will be interesting to see which ones they actually use.

After finally getting rid of them (after two hours of smiling and talking) it was time to put on a different smiling face for Emily's 6th birthday party - 2 cakes this year - sushi and barbie!

Then this morning it was back to being a model as another "reporter" from a women's magazine in Oita came to write an article. This time she forgot to put the battery in her camera so she took the photos on Tom's camera - which was handy as we now have copies! I'm looking forward to a day off from smiling tomorrow!

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