Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More challenges....

Right now I want to go outside and at least try and water the plants, but .... as I went to open the deck doors I discovered this staring at me! It was (and possibly still is) between the front door and the deck doors so escape (for me) is not looking good. I have telephoned my father-in-law and although he assures me that if it is long (which it definately is!) and doesn't have a triangular head (I'm not 100% sure on that...) then I shouldn't worry - it won't kill me. However coming from a country where we have "no snakes" I am not taking any chances.... I think I will just keep using the back door until I am sure all the snakes have gone into hybernation! By the way - the photos are taken from behind thick glass!

On a much nicer note I spread the joy of pumpkin muffins a little more today at one of my "internationalisation" classes at a local primary school. With two classes combined the total students add up to 4 so it is not difficult to get everyone involved. We even made enough mini-muffins from one batch for all the students and teachers in the entire school to have one each... a grand total of 36 (including me...).


  1. Kia Ora! Joe,

    Sometimes I need more careful when I read your blog because of "shocking photos" appear on top.


    Thanks Kabosu Marmalade,I'll enjoy my breakfast and tea time with this.

  2. I'm sure that's the snake I saw twice in June round by the rock garden. It has only grown alittle since then.

  3. HI Mika,
    Thank you for your comment and thank you also for eating my jam. I hope you enjoy it!
    The snake is no longer around our house.... I got too scared of it so hit it over the head! I hated doing it, but I couldn't go outside without being scared....
    Please come and visit us again soon.

  4. Mum - it may have been the same one, but then again maybe the other one I saw today was your friend.... one down but obviously still many to go!