Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Companion Planting?

As I mentioned in a previous blog we have a slight problem at times with the fragrance of chicken poos from a chicken farm near here floating gently to engulf us.... Fortunately Japan has one solution to this problem in the form of "companion planting to cancel out smells". The tree in this picture is "osmanthus fragrans var. aurantiacus" - or more commonly a "fragrant olive" and it has an incredibly strong 'nice) smell. We have two planted at our house and fortunately this one is in the direct line between the chicken farm and our house. Although it doesn't completely block the smell it does help a lot! Don't get me wrong, the chickens only really affect us about 10% of the time, but even cancelling them out during that time is a bonus! I highly recommend this tree to anyone with chicken problems!

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  1. Mickey10:03 AM


    My husband pruned too much a fragrant olive of my house in summer, and a flower bloomed just a little this year.
    I am very disappointed.