Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Another Article

Today another article about "Kiora Cottage" was published. This time it was in a monthly Community Press called "Josei Oita" - meaning "women in Oita". Although it doesn't have the same volume of readers as the newspaper, the readers are all the kind of people who will hopefully be interested in coming to stay and "play" here. It will be interesting to see if it gets a response.
My husband has vowed not to come home from work tonight until he has completed all the paperwork for the cottage.....I wonder when we will see him next! I think my threat of accepting guests even if the proper permits hadn't been received was a little too much for him to cope with!
Now if only I could actually get some time to sit in my window seat and admire the view while reading my book and drinking coffee.....


  1. Mickey11:04 AM

    Hi, Jo.
    I am really looking forward to reading some paper that write about "Kia ora House".(But maybe "Josei-Oita" only sell in Oita area.)
    And I surprised to see your site of a "Josei-Oita". Because it inform on the same page about my friend's event.(under the left side).
    It's a small world...

  2. Mickey11:08 AM


    "I surprised to see a "Josei-Oita" of your site."