Monday, November 27, 2006


Some people are blessed with great design sense.... I am not one of them! This is my cousin Emma (well it was her about 20 years ago...) and luckily for me she is one of the blessed ones! She has just designed a whole lot of logos for us to look at. I gave her the impossible task of combining - the cottage, nature, Japan and New Zealand.... and I think she did a great job. Here is a selection of my favorites. Now we just need to choose one or a combination of them. Any comments, suggestions, favorites etc. welcome. Thanks Emma!







  1. Mickey2:38 PM

    Hi, Jo.

    Well, my favorite is No. 3.
    I like pretty flower that is a point on i.
    and I think that it has good balance as a whole.

  2. dad & megan5:28 PM

    Hi Jo, What great logos.
    Me and Megan like #3 best, then #1, #6 least. Good luck deciding. They're all fantastic - especially on the jan jars and the brochures!

  3. The Brother5:30 AM

    I reckon my (downward) order is 7, 2, 3, 4...

  4. Dear Jo,
    hello, my name is Amanda (Hannah's friend) who is planning to come to japan for a couple of weeks after christmas to get a taste of the japanese culture.Im so excited. You're blog site is amazing, it really gives us in nz a great taste of japan! Im sure Hannah will be very keen to get involved with the work, its surreal to think about having rice fields in your backyard!
    Also, Emma's designs are awesome, my favourite would have to be number 1, then 7 and 3. Emma helped in designing my invitations for my 21st birthday, they turned out really well, everyone was impressed.
    Im looking forward to meeting you, and your family (your kids are so cute), take care, Amanda.
    p.s. hello to hannah if she's there now. :)

  5. Lennon6:30 PM

    Hi Jo!

    I have been enjoying your blog from Nelson for some time. It's great.

    Logo number 7 is my favourite, closely followed by number 5.

    All the best

  6. the mother and Big Kev6:45 PM

    Our choices - just to confuse matters!! - 7 then 5 the 1.