Saturday, November 04, 2006

Family fun

We now have two different kinds of pets at our house. Goldfish (courtesy of a Japanese festival) and..... worms! We have been talking about making a worm farm for a long time but have never quite got as far as actually making it. However today the children decided it was time to try and with the help of the Christchurch City Council's great homepage we ripped lots of newspaper, wet it, added some straw and rotted compost and then went searching for worms. The kids thought it was great fun - although they did leave the big ones for me to collect! They also thought it was great fun feeding the worms too - here's hoping the enthusiasm continues!
It is definately not the most wonderful worm farm ever made, but hopefully it will be a start and as the worm numbers increase we can make better and bigger farms. Any worms welcome!

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