Saturday, November 25, 2006

The little tractor that could

My cousin Hannah is coming on Tuesday to stay for a while. I was planning to give her a treat just after she arrived - a day in the rice fields collecting up all the hay... but fortunately for her we finally got around to doing it today - with the help of my father-in-law. The plan was to load the piles of hay that we had made earlier into the little truck and then make one big pile which will hopefully decompose in time and by spring we will have some great mulch for the garden.
Unfortunately however when I was in Australia there was a lot of rain so the ground was a little muddy, causing the little white truck to get stuck. No problem - my father-in-law has two little white trucks (you can never have enough little white trucks in Japan) so we got the other little white truck and started to pull the first little white truck out. Only then the second little white truck got stuck too so we had to call in the big blue tractor. Eventually the tractor pulled the two little white trucks out and after quite a lot of carting via wheelbarrow we managed to get the rest loaded into the truck and into the pile. The kids had a great time jumping on the pile - nothing like making a job that needs to be done into entertainment!
Don't worry Hannah - there are still PLENTY of jobs waiting for you....

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