Saturday, November 25, 2006

Here at last

This is it - the permit which will allow us to legally host up to four people at a time at Kiora Cottage. It seemed like a very long process to get it, but now that we have finally received it I feel motivated to start making promotional materials etc. and get our new business underway. Another of my cousins is designing a logo for us too so hopefully by the end of the year we should have started working on pamplets etc. Of course now I just need to find some spare time to do it, but it is fun to dream!
There have been a few phonecalls from people who saw the article in the paper and would like to come and stay. No dates have been set yet, but it will be nice to get some guests and start running the business properly. We just need to find some way of attracting guests during the week rather than all in the weekends.... any suggestions welcome!

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  1. the mother12:20 PM

    Congratulations! But let's hope for a few days of rest before the bookings come flooding in - as I'm sure they will.