Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Wow - now I know how to find out who is reading my blog! Thank you all so much for your input into the logo design. It is great to have so many comments - both through the blog and by mail. The front runners at the moment seem to be numbers 7, 3 and 1.... hopefully we will decide soon and then we can start making lots of fun things with it!

Japan is a country of 4 seasons.
Japanese people don't get very many holidays (or they do, but don't take very many holidays).
Those two facts combined mean that at this time of year the whole of Japan seems to be out in the weekend "driving" in an attempt to see the beautiful autumn colours. The way to do it is as follows....
1. Pack yourself a lunch
2. Drive a long way
3. Drive through a pretty part of the countryside at a snail's pace (this is compulsory as there are so many other cars doing the same thing)
4. Stop in one place, take a photo
5. Eat your lunch in the car while driving (it has gotten so late and there are no car parks anywhere)
6. Drive all the way home

Or of course you could do the other option and take one of the zillions of bus tours to do the same... This year we will give it a miss (I wonder why??) but here are some photos that others have taken. The colours of the autumn leaves really are beautiful - it's just the mass movement that I don't enjoy!

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