Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mixing the Arts

Today I participated in a "festival" in Oita City. My friends sold smoked cheese, smoked daikon, chicken etc. and I sold jam! I think I sold over 50 jars so not a bad day for me really. My friends on the other hand didn't really bother to cost anything out, ate a lot of their own products and went home making a pretty big loss. But, the thing about this festival was that making a profit was not the main purpose. It was a festival run by the art muesum and rather than having a whole lot of stalls in one area everyone was spread out in driveways, garages, houses etc. over about a 500 metre area. People were given a map of the area with a description and location of the stalls on it and they all wandered around in the beautiful weather looking at people's art, buying food, having their faces painted etc. There were live music performances at different places and it was interesting to watch the huge variety of people who were out and about. Lots of families as well as older couples etc.
All in all it was a fun day - everyone just enjoying each others company - a great way to combine music, art, food and of course walking!
I also learnt a great way to cook spare ribs in the dutch oven - 10 parts coca-cola, 5 parts soya sauce and 5 parts soda water..... strange but very tasty!

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