Sunday, December 28, 2008


Every day I think "I should put that on my blog" and then the day and night passes and I completely forget what it was that I was going to write about. Senility is setting in too rapidly! After a night dealing with a boy who was determined to empty the contents of his stomach in any way possible (more than once, less than 5 times) my brain is still not working quite as well as it should be, but here is a brief summary of our Christmas....
The day started out with great excitement over Santa's stockings (note to self: always put the same number of presents in each stocking - the children count!) then we opened one present each from under the tree before heading to kindergarten to help out at the Christmas party. The children had fun singing and meeting Santa and then decorated all the chocolate muffins that we had made the day before.
Home by lunch time (well my son wasn't) so we prepared Christmas dinner and then all sat around opening presents after my son came home at 3pm. It was a good way to do it in the end as we were all quite relaxed and there was plenty of time to really enjoy all the presents etc. The big present for the year was a Wii console with Wii fit.... the children had been asking for one for ages and we finally relented. As it turns out the adults have been enjoying their fair share of fun with it too! Mum was in tears last night as she tried to do the ski slalom... in the end she did better when she gave up in a fit of giggles and sat on the sofa and let the skier continue on a straight path!
I hope you all had a great Christmas. Hopefully I will catch up on some other events here soon, but for now.... it's time to see if I can get my son off the floor..... I am not a good nurse!


  1. Sounds like a great Christmas!

    Hope your son is feeling better, now.

    And someone needs to feed your kinder's Santa!!

  2. I'll swap you core rhythms for Wii skii for a week - gotta be good for you, even if all it generates is a good bout of laughs and tears. Hope you aren't all too cold and the chooks are still laying lots of eggs.
    Happy New Year!! One and a half hours to go.

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