Sunday, December 14, 2008

Three days and 14 eggs

As predicted life here seems to be revolving around chickens at the moment. Yesterday we worked until after dark to put up a net to allow the chickens to run around outside for part of the day. My dreams of having them just wander around freely have been squashed by fears over "bird influenza" and the need to have the whole area covered in, but at least this way they will have a reasonable area to fossick around in and I will be able to change their water without having to try and keep them in their shed. They are definitely well trained to humans and come racing as soon as you arrive - even trying to say hello out of their nesting boxes at any chance they have. This makes it a little problematic for the children to do the egg collecting at the moment, but I'm sure they will get used to the little pecks on their hands soon! So far there have been 14 eggs over the 3 days that we have had them. Only one hen didn't lay on the middle day and they had all laid by 9am this morning - all in the same box!
As far as naming goes the children have so far decided on Lily, Rose, Jude and Gill with one more name up for grabs. Mind you they seem to change their minds every hour. The biggest problem with naming is that no matter how much I look at them I can't tell any of them apart at all. Maybe when they are finally able to wander around outside a bit I might have more luck!


  1. Wow, that's chicken heaven there! We lost our first four chook to a fox and after that I gave up my free range dream and we built Fort Chookie Knox. :)

    My then 4yo named our present chooks. Mummy, Daddy, Meg and Amy. I dread the day one of them dies. can you imagine her telling the kinder teacher Mummy or Daddy died? @_@

    I found deflecting with my left forearm and going in for eggs with my right arm saved me from pecking for the most part.

    What eggy delicacies are you making with this newfound wealth?

  2. loads of chrissy eggnog??

    If they start over laying (is that possible?) I will up for a weekly box of free range eggs.

    I think you should call the ugliest or most bad tempered chook Granny K.