Monday, December 22, 2008

Concert finally over

This week has been dominated by the annual kindergarten concert. Rehearsals on Wednesday, final costume preparations during the following days and the actual concert on Sunday. All seemed to go to plan with no major problems and the kids all came away saying they wish they could do it all over again. I'm not sure that the parents and teachers would be so keen... Anyway, I managed to not trip over my shoelaces or throw up all over the audience when I had to do my stupid speech and my son did a wonderful job singing, dancing and acting. It was good to have Mum here to see it and also to know that it was the final concert that my children will be participating in!
Other highlights of the week include going to Uncle Tom's extended tree house - pretty impressive building! and spending some nice quiet time with Mutsumi wandering along the beach. Mum has been very cooperative - being dragged to kindergarten classes, shopping malls and today to the aquarium - in the freezing cold!
The chickens have also been well behaved lately, although the cooler weather is resulting in a few less eggs each day. My son is now very brave when it comes to carrying the chickens back into their house at night, but my daughter is a little more reserved.... she was brave enough to pat one of them today.... maybe by next year she will be slinging one over her shoulder and into the hen house!
For anyone who is really bored this is the video of my son's dance. The play was about 30 minutes long so I won't bother downloading that one!

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