Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Peace day and MORE chicken house progress

On Monday I went to my daughter's school again to watch her class do a "play" related to the destruction caused by war. Again I was impressed by the Japanese attitude towards the peace process. December the 7th, 1941 was the day when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor so this day was set aside for peace education at the school. The principal started the morning be explaining that in times of war people's kindness and rationality go out the window and that although other countries did some terrible things to Japan, Japan also did some really bad things to other countries. She then went on to explain a little about the bombing that Japan did at Pearl Harbor. Good unbiased education (in this area anyway!).
In other news... our chickens are due to arrive tomorrow night. My husband had the day off work today and I think the chicken house itself is almost ready for its new occupants (if my children are willing to give up their new play house!). We won't get the surrounding fence made till the weekend so they will need to spend a few days cooped up getting used to their new house before they can have a wander around their new garden.
My job today was to finish off the nesting boxes and somehow make a roof over them to keep the rain out... I don't think I made too bad a job in the end. It is an adjustable roof so we can lift it up while getting the eggs out - provided they lay some!

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