Friday, December 12, 2008


At about 6:30 last night our neighbour arrived in the dark with three big paper bags filled with our new chickens. He works at a high school and they had been raising them, but now were willing to let them go. Apparently they started laying eggs in about November, but at breakfast time this morning I spent a lot of time explaining to the children that they had been through a lot of stress last night and that because the daylight hours are getting less and less that we probably wouldn't get any eggs until next spring - I didn't want to get their (and my) hopes up too much. And then... my son and I went to check that they were actually eating etc. and discovered not just one egg, but three eggs (we have 5 chickens) and not only that... they were all laid in the nesting boxes not all over the floor! Not bad considering they have only been in their home for just over 12 hours! I already love my chickens!
But now I really need to prepare for today's kindergarten class so I can come home quickly and hang out with the chickens again!


  1. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Aunty Megan wants to know if the chickens have names??

  2. Anonymous5:12 PM

    Uncle Mike is pretty impressed!

    And also wants to know if you can tell them apart enough to be able to give them names!

  3. Welcome to life with chooks/ chickens! I'm sure you're super smart nesting box laying chooks are that way because they've been to highschool. Our eggfarm refugees took a month to work that one out!

    Fresh eggs are so good and I have to say that's the best looking chookshed I've ever seen! Ours is a reclaimed shed and decidedly looks that way.

    Glad you found me and scary how similar our lives are in some ways, hey?